FUSA Modular Panel Manufacturing System

FUSA tile panel machine
produces new-generation,
modular metal roof tile panel.

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- FUSA Tile Panel Machine produces patented, new-generation, concealed-fix, vertical, modular Metal Roof Tile Panel. - Full width precoated coils are slit in half for this production line. - Coils are 24" or 620 mm wide and weigh 3 tn and material is in 24 to 26 gauge, or 0.45-0.55 mm. - Protected license manufacturing arrangements are available for different panel designs and geographical areas.

FUSA Modular Metal Roof Tile Panel

Roof Tile Introduction: Concealed fix, modular, vertical metal tile panel.

Scandinavians are enjoying the quality of metal roofing, and the Continental or Spanish looks of conventional clay tile. In the early 1990's, metal roofing achieved a stunning 60 percent market share.

Since then, however, competition has been fierce. The Scandinavian roof tile panel is through-fixed and always custom-produced. Customers wanted to have more.

Customers demanded a concealed-fix panel application. They wanted to pick panels from their local building material retailer and not wait for their order to be delivered sometime later from the plant. The FUSA modular, concealed-fix, vertical roof tile panel was born.

The new modular panel offers a very feasible business approach in metal roof tile panel fabrication. FUSA is supplying heavy-duty, integrated sheet metal forming machines for modular panel fabrication.

Tongues along the right edge of the panel are lined up with the pouches at the underlapping left side of the panel, and the panel is pulled so that the tongues fit tightly into the pouches. The left side of the panel is lowered horizontally and attached to the roof through prepunched holes.

The FUSA tile panel looks like any other conventional tile panel. The panel design of a summer cottage is a conventional Shake, which resembles the heavy Northwestern wooden shake.

A variety of tile panels with FUSA concealed-fix feature have been designed to meet different geographical and cultural tastes: 

FUSA roof panel has a securely locked overlap detail; thus, the panel cross section design may have a shallow configuration. First, this produces a better material yield, and secondly, diagonal valley cut detailing is much easier to do than higher sections. High profile sections are available from the conventional tile line.

A narrow, vertical panel is easy to handle on the roof. Yet, it covers a lot and installation is fast. All panel designs produce 18 inch cover width. One of the most suitable modular lengths is 8 feet, a common product dimension in the building industry. Other standard length made for distribution could well be 3 feet. Also a full length panel, running down from ridge to eaves in single length, can be produced. The FUSA panel is easy to handle on the roof also because of its rather small wind surface.

There is no need to reach or step on the panel. The fixing holes are prepunched as an in-line operation into panel's fixing edge. At installation, there are no holes to be made, and no questing as to where to fix. These prepunched holes are oval in shape and, therefore, allow for thermal movement of the panel.

FUSA modular panels have prenotched details in the "four-panel-corner". This detailing secures higher installed quality of the roof.

FUSA Tile Panel lower lip has a cut which follows the tile step. This detailing secures higher installed quality of the roof.

The panel line's versatility makes also a straight (step less), concealed-fix, trapezoidal roofing or commercial/industrial wall cladding panel business possible. Only an optional straight cutting shear is needed.

The very same panel can be used for horizontal or vertical concealed-fix wall cladding applications. This is a potential way to increase revenue flow from this panel line.

FUSA Modular Panel Mfg System:

FUSA Tile Panels are produced using 24' wide mother coil. The most competitive pricing of coil material is secured. The handling of the smaller coil is easy. A 5 ton decoiler feeds the material to the roll former. 

A narrow coil converts to a short integrated sheet metal forming line. The short roll former means also less money to invest. The foot print of the line is small (length x width) and high revenue can be generated in a small space. 

FUSA's hardware partner is the world leader in tile panel forming lines. The machines are all built for heavy duty operation.

Concealed-fix panel has prepunched oval holes for screw fixing, and these holes are produced automatically on the line. The "four-panel corner" has details which require additional punching units to be integrated for in-line operation. 

FUSA line is operated by a single operator. A three-shift operation is easy to organize and the total output of the line can be in excess of 4,000 m2 or 44,000 square feet per day and almost a 1,000,000 m2, or 10,000,000 sf per year. 

Panels are stacked on the fixing edge for longer transportation or on horizontal stacks. Because of the edge locking details, panels do not nest completely.  

Fusa Modular Roof Tile Panel Offers The Following Advantages:


Concealed fixing technology, gives preferred finish for a high quality metal roof. Good wind uplift resistance is secured with narrow panels. Horizontal tile steps increase the stiffness of the panel.

Visual appearance may be varied by adjusting the length of the tilestep. The stiffness of the panel is also increased when the amount of steps is increased. The leading edge of the panel is cut following the step configuration. This will give a preferred eave detail.

Easy and fast installation process is assisted by panel locking detailing. Prepunched holes make fixing fast. Short, galvanized screws/nails are used and this will increase further the competitiveness of the product.

Easy and safe handling of panel because of the small panel size. Still, the FUSA modular panel is bigger than the horizontal panels on the market, making installation much faster.
Panel installer does not have to step or reach over the panel when fixing it. FUSA modular panels have the fixing edge next to the installer, making the installation much safer.

Superior finish and joining details by excellent product forming quality and vertical panel design. Snow guards may be fixed to the joint detail.

Good material efficiency and low waste in installing customized roofs is achieved with small, vertical panels.

Thermal movement is allowed without damage to the product or performance of the roof by the prepunched oval fixing holes.


Narrow production line is shorter and shorter is less money invested in the hardware.

Lower operation cost is achieved because of the higher utilization of the machine. This is possible because of the modular product design.
Three-shift manufacturing is easy to organize. The overall production economy can be vastly improved.

The machine is in full production very fast because of the versatility of the tooling. In addition to tile panels, it can also produce straight trapezoidal roof panels, and horizontal or vertical concealed-fix wall cladding panels.

Better availability of product to the customer is made possible and lower distribution costs are secured. Modular panels are stacked on pallets and can be distributed through multiple distribution channels.

Modular panel is a commodity product, making it possible to get a new product faster to the market place by using established building material distributors.  This will  result in better cash flow and faster return for investment.

Manufacturing licensing with protected territories for each panel design.

FUSA License Program

FUSA offers a variety of panel surface designs. All have the same, secret, concealed- fix feature. FUSA's licensing program provides protected territories for each licensee for a specific surface design.
As part of the license program, FUSA provides technical and marketing support.


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