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FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, Medium Volume DCP

FUSA discontinuous, foam-insulated, composite panel making systems offer superior material flow and material handling possibilities. Presses may be built up to 15 meters long and may have up to ten (10) daylights. Lance foaming is available for long panels. Quick adjustable side tools allow different panel joint designs. Panels are built on mold plates which travel on two-level conveyors. Lower conveyor returns foamed panels to the panel ejection station and mold plate return lift.

Roll Former

Integrated roll forming lines are designed for conservative sheet forming and are built in Scandinavian quality. This line serves a typical camlock panel production system.


Sheets are notched or holes punched as panel system requires. All operator settings are made with precision turns and have decimal digit dials for accurate settings.

End Bending

A flat stainless steel facing has passed the end bending unit. A hole was punched to the end-wipe for lance injection.

Edge Former

An edge forming unit has flexible width adjusting capability. A rafted unit secures a quick tool change. It takes 10 minutes to change from wall to roof panel forming.

Long Panel Press

Panels up to 15 meters long can be produced with a Makron multi- daylight press. Panels are built on mold plates. When side foaming is utilized, numerous multi-length panels may be produced on a single mold plate.

Specialty Panels

Specialty Panels can be built using male plugs in the press. FUSA has experience in utilizing various kinds of male plugs and automated plug change systems for flexible production of complicated panel configurations.

Lance Foam Injection

Long panels require lance foaming. Very long lance systems are built using specialty carriers.

Pentane Foaming

Makron has experience in alternative blowing agents and is making pentane foaming available for DCP production.

FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, High Volume DCP

FUSA high-volume, discontinuous foam-insulated panel making systems offer a MAKRON-quality, multi-daylight press with high tolerance, heated
(water or electrical) aluminum mold plates. The eight (8) daylight press may produce over 200 panels per shift. Automated high rack panel facing material supply systems are produced. Foamed panels are automatically ejected from mold plates and stacked.

Mold Plate

Makron high tolerance mold plates are built using aluminum extrusions. Mold plates are heated with electricity or water. Temperature is fully automated. Water heating secures very fast increase of temperature and allows also cooling if necessary. Panels are assembled on mold plates.

Storage Rack

Panel facing materials are stored on pallets in a high rack inventory system. Sheets are automatically fetched and placed next to operators for easy handling. The high rack may have an inventory of 36 different sheet sizes.

Makron Press

After panels are fully built, they travel on mold plates into the multi- daylight press. Panels may have studs or other components extending beyond the flat panel surface. FUSA has experience in dealing with various kinds of non-flat product applications.

Scissor Lift

Scissor or four-column lifts are used to transfer mold plates into the press. The mold plate handling system is designed to operate on two levels. Mold plates on the upper level travel toward the press and mold plates are pulled onto the lower level of the lift from the press.

Foam Injection

Foaming is clean and fully automatic. A three-axis manipulator can be programmed for best foam injection position. Foam injection amount is secured by matching information from two sources.

Foam Measuring

High pressure foam measuring systems are used. Graphical operator interface generates production and alarm reports.

Panel Ejection

Mold plates arrive at the return lift where panels are automatically ejected. A complicated panel design is removed from the mold plate.


Stacking is fully automatic and may stack directly on horizontal discharge conveyors. First-in, first-out vertical stacking arrangements are available.

FUSA Foam Insulated Panel Production System, Composite Continuous Panel Making Line

FUSA has worked in continuous panel foaming applications for over 25 years.  We offer a Single Source for you for your product design, production facility recommendations and production line engineering, and delivery of metal faced or flexible faced panel lines.  All the technology options are available.

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